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You want to buy a  Hookah or Hookah Tobacco, or you are looking for an exceptional hookah?
Here you will not get the full range of Hookahs as in other Online Hookah Stores,
but selected pieces, exclusive, individual and unique.
If you want to buy a hookah, our hookah store offers you extraordinary, unique creations
or simply especially beautiful Hookahs.

Actual & new in our Hookah Store

Kismet Noir - now almost all varieties of stock!

Kismet Noir Darkblend Shisha Tabak
We love Kismet, for us one of the best hookah tobacco varieties ever! Kismet Noir has become a staple of the hookah scene, this unique, earthy tobacco flavor is something for the discerning hookah smoker

Tumbaki Premium Hookah Tobacco - New with us!

Tumbaki Premium Shisha Tabak aus der Türkei
We have it! The new Tumbaki Premium Hookah Tobacco from Turkey, the highest quality, premium flavors is the motto of Tumbaki, we are very excited about your feedback. Tumbaki hookah tobacco should tolerate heat very well, which literally calls for a phunnel!

Egermann Littlesorr, only with us!

Egermann Littlesoor
The Egermann Sorrilha Littlesorr, this is what happens when the hookah designer Sorrilha meets Egermann Brasil! A small fantastic work of art! A truly special hookah.
Worldwide there are only 100 pieces of the Egermann Littlesorr per color, we have the wonderful part in stock!

Kinimod TGK 1.0 mini in stock

Kinimod TGK 1.0 Mini
The Kinimod TGK 1.0 Mini is for me one of the most beautiful creations from the hookah forge of Kinimod. Kinimod is one of the best manufacturers, ah - he is the best - in the field of modern stainless-steel hookahs, we would almost like to say he has the Stainless-steel Hookah invented.

Ocean Hookah -  V2A Stainless-Steel Hookah

Ocean Hookah Shisha
OCEAN HOOKAH V2A Stainless-steel hookah, born from passion, experience and ambition. Ocean Hookah has used in the creation of your hookah, starting with the selection of materials, such as V2A stainless steel, borosilicate laboratory glass, crystal glass or even from hand-decorated Bohemian lead crystal glass!

Hookah Bowls

Solaris Bowl
Tobacco bowls and attachments e.g. the Solaris Köpfe, Oblako Russland, Vandenberg, aljamal, VDK, ShishaOfen, KS, Aken, Japona or Hookah John, our favorites! Oblako is one of the established hookah head manufacturers from Russia.

Beautiful traditional hookahs!

el nefes Shisha elnefes
Hookahs from El Nefes e.g. the Sultan with wonderful Bases, die Never and El Nefes Colonial. Alternatively, we have very nice Syrian Hookahs and Turkish Hookahs with different bowls and plates available.

Darkside Hookah Tobacco

Darkside Shisha-Tabak
DARKSIDE Tobacco, the most successful Russian tobacco manufacturer, and not without reason, Darkside Tobacco is an absolutely high-quality and intense hookah tobacco. The Main ingredient of this hookah tobacco is Burley tobacco and is made with the best flavors. Burley base tobacco is a darker, slightly stronger tobacco, with a slightly higher nicotine content.

Our advice

Fumari Original WGB 200g
22,90 EUR
114,50 EUR per 1kg
2×2 Hookah Medium Phunnel - Lemon
18,90 EUR
Solaris Moon Bowl Red - Limited
19,90 EUR
Product Reminder
Kaloud Lotus 2 the new design
68,90 EUR
aljamal Qabea Bowl Dark Red
36,90 EUR
AKEN BOWL Tobacco Head Z Red
24,90 EUR

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Oblako Killer Bowl Glazed Green
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Marble Green Black
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Black Cosmos
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Glazed Marble Yellow Blue
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Marble Blue
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Glazed Caramel
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Glazed Purple Leoard
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Glazed Aqua
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Glazed Flower Power
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR
Oblako Killer Bowl Dust and Blue
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 19,90 EUR

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The tension of everyday life goes up in smoke!

"Both that for building the head and smoking a hookah needs muse. This is perhaps the fascination that comes from a hookah, in a time that flies faster and faster and in which more and more is demanded. The hookah forces us to stop for a moment, to take a break."
What is special about this type of smoking and this unique pleasure?
In the Arab world, the hookah or hookah has stood for sociability for centuries. But not only in the Orient, but also in our countries, the water pipe is becoming more and more popular. Soft bubbling can be heard, the coals begin to glow red and then sweet-smelling clouds of smoke float through the air. It is smells like from "A Thousand and One Nights", of mint, apple, mango, cherry, orange and many other indescribable scents that enliven the room.

More about the history of hookah

You can find these manufacturers at Wasserpfeifen und mehr

aljamal Wasserpfeifen    Kinimod Shisha    El Nefes Wasserpfeifen    Elmas Nargile    Kismet Noir Shisha Tabak    ShishaOfen    THS Shisha Bedarf    VDK Shisha Köpfe    Hookah John Shisha Köpfe    Caesar Shisha Zubehör
Tumbaki Premium Shisha Tabak    Kaloud Shisha Kohle Aufsatz    INVI Shisha kaufen    CRT Shisha    Cocobroco Shisha Kohle    Colonial Kaminkopfset    Al Duchan Shisha Kohle    KS Shisha Tabak Köpfe    Ocean Hookah    Darkside Shisha Tabak


Hookah buy, whether modern & traditional! You will find the right Hookah in our Hookah Online Store

What Hookahs and Accessoires can you order in our online store?

As already mentioned, you do not get the full range of hookahs as in other hookah online stores, but we of Wasserpfeifen und mehr are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative or simply beautiful from the hookah world for you. Our motto is quality and not quantity! In the area of hookah accessories, we carry products that we have tested ourselves for the most part, partly specially developed and produced; in the highest quality, partly exclusive. Some products are only available from us. We love tradi pipes, traditional hookahs, here especially Syrian hookahs, otherwise everything around Hookah, hookahs and accessories, aljamal hookahs, Timeless Glass, Kinimod self made hookah, Ocean Hookah, Elmas Originale, THS Brodator, Khalebbo, El Nefes, Egermann, Shishaofen, and much more beautiful. Of course, we also offer extensive hookah accessories such as hookah charcoal lighters, goatskin hoses and much much more, which makes a special hookah!   
So, if you want to buy a special hookah / water pipe, then you are in the right place!

aljamal Hookahs

At the same time we are the manufacturer of aljamal hookahs and therefore the primary contact when it comes to this wonderful, exclusive and beautiful hookah. aljamal is the traditional hookah for all senses, try it. More information about our aljamal shisha, aljamal su, ard and Lualiwa can be found on our aljamal website at aljamal-shisha.de

Buy Hookah tobacco online at Wasserpfeifen & mehr

Without hookah tobacco is the most important thing in hookah smoking, without hookah tobacco, of course, cannot do. We favor the classic tobacco. The hookah tobacco is taste crucial and decisive for smoke development - much smoke - much taste. There is a never-ending number of different manufacturers and every hookah smoker has his or her favorites. One likes fruity hookah tobacco, the other prefers dark (Dark Blend) earthy hookah tobacco such as Kismet. The selection with us, Wasserpfeifen und mehr, is always growing, we are constantly testing and expanding our range. Currently, available manufacturers are Kismet Noir, Odinson, Darkside hookah tobacco, Tumbaki, Aqua Mentha, Fumari, Black Horus and Fibdis.

Advice and service on the theme of Hookah

..... is at the top of our list, for questions about your order, about our products but also if you are undecided what is the right hookah for you, contact us! Use our contact form, of course we are also available by phone at 09171 890608 and by email mail@wasserpfeifenundmehr.de. You are important to us! We don't want the hookah you bought to be just a decoration in the corner because something doesn't "fit". Ask us!

In this sense, your team of Wasserpfeifen & mehr welcomes you and hopes you enjoy browsing our store!

More Information about us!

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