aljamal hookah manufactory - the special, beautiful shisha



aljamal Hookah - Born out of passion!

This is exactly the intention of aljamal, to develop a special hookah, a beautiful hookah, enchantingly elegant, an eye-catcher that is second to none.
The name "aljamal" comes from the Arabic and means "beauty". At the beginning of 2016, the aljamal hookah manufacture was founded.


Each aljamal hookah is in its own way a unique work of art, each bowl a handmade unique piece of Bohemian glass manufacture. The solid brass smoke column is lovingly and individually refined, each of them bears a serial number. aljamal - each of these creations is in its own way an exceptional hookah.

Through the reinterpretation of the traditional hookah and the high-quality workmanship, each of these hookahs is a gem of German craftsmanship.
With the purchase of an aljamal hookah, you enter the pleasure world of premium Hookah.
Cross this border and become part of a new dimension of hookah smoking.
aljamal hookah manufacture - Hookah special!

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aljamal oak LED hookah coaster
44,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

The aljamal hookah manufacture composes the beautiful with the touch of modernity in the tradition of Syrian hookah from noble materials and the latest technology.

The aljamal hookah is always an eye-catcher and offer you unforgettable moments with exceptional pleasure.

The brass hookah aljamal su (Turkish for water) aljamal ard (Arabic for earth) and Lualiwa (Arabic for pearl) are exceptional, daring and each an exceptional hookah in its own right. Imposing, traditional hookahs designed for you.
The idea of a Syrian hookah, CNC manufactured in shimmering, solid brass, high quality stainless steel and a bowl of luminous, Bohemian glass - such are these unique water pipes that promise you the highest pleasure when smoking, a unique taste experience and a fantastic smoke development with the acoustics of a gentle, rich bubbling.
aljamal is the traditional hookah for all senses, try it.

aljamal hookah manufacture - the special, beautiful hookah!

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