aljamal hookah goatskin hoses - unique in your kind

With designer fabrics from international manufacturers, aljamal Hookah design and produce these traditional goat leather hose, with an unusual feel, shimmering light reflections and iridescent in shades. Each leather hose is something exceptional!

With high-quality materials of velvet, silk, brocade and embroidery manufacture your aljamal goatskin hose in an unusual design as a unique piece. Due to the handwork (the fabrics unique - sewn and covered by aljamal itself) no hose is like the other. Each aljamal hose is supplied with a specially designed traditional borosilicate glass mouthpiece (Nour or Vitro). This makes these goatskin hoses even more noble and unique.

On request, you can also get these hookah coffee hoses with the new aljamal 18/8 ground brass hose connection, also an "invention" from the house of aljamal!
aljamal coffeehouse hoses, exclusively at hookahs & more.

aljamal hookah goatskin hoses - uniquely beautiful

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aljamal hookah goatskin hoses - unique in your kind