aljamal Hookah Manufactory

aljamal Hookahs, a combination of tradition and modernity, with an indescribable smoking pleasure, aljamal hookah is daring and just exceptionally beautiful hookah.

aljamal hookah - the premium hookah that stands out from the crowd of shishas. In 2016, aljamal launches its first hookah, the aljamal SU.

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aljamal ard stem
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aljamal means beauty!

aljamal Hookah Manufacture - Hookah exceptional!

The idea of a Syrian hookah, CNC made in shimmering solid brass, high quality stainless steel and a bowl of luminous Bohemian glass - so are these unique aljamal hookahs, which promise you the highest pleasure when smoking, a unique taste experience and a wonderful smoke with the acoustics of a gentle, rich bubbling.

aljamal is the traditional hookah for all senses, simply a beautiful Hookah, try it.

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aljamal, are you still smoking or already enjoying?