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ao hookha hmd
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Preview: AO HMD Smokebox
Preview: AO HMD
Preview: ao hookha hmd
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AO Hookha HMD Sandblasted
Mobile Preview: AO HMD Smokebox
Mobile Preview: AO HMD
Mobile Preview: ao hookha hmd
Mobile Preview: ao Smokeox

AO Hookha HMD Sandblasted

Product No.:
ca. 2 - 7 days * ca. 2 - 7 days *  (* to Germany, abroad may vary)
0.5 kg per piece
29,90 EUR

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

For customers from the United Kingdom; due to the Brexit and the resulting tax changes, we have to charge a minimum order value of € 160.00 (£ 135.00 ).

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  • AO Hookha HMD Sandblasted
  • ZocoMo coconut charcoal 26s 1kg
Package price
only 34,40 EUR
ZocoMo coconut charcoal 26s 1kg
RRP 6,90 EUR
Only 4,50 EUR
4,50 EUR per 1kg

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