Oblako Bowls from Russia

Oblako is one of the established hookah head manufacturers from Russia. As has been known for some time, some of the most popular and highest quality hookah heads come from Russia.

Oblako stands for the best quality and a brilliant smoking experience, plus the really nice design of the bowls.

Oblako Phunnels are available in different sizes, S and M, and in different colors.
The glaze prevents molasses from soaking into the clay too quickly, causing the head to bleed.
Size S is great for overpacking in full contact, with the size M fits of course more tobacco in the Oblako, ideal if it should last longer or if you prefer to smoke with distance setup.

On all Oblako hookah tobacco heads fit perfectly to the Lotus or similar like Amy Smokebox ect.
Of course work the Oblakos also work with aluminum foil.



  •     Glazed Dragon
  •     Glazed Flower Power
  •     Glazed Quicksilver
  •     Glazed Blue Cosmos
  •     Glazed Black Cosmos


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