Solaris Bowls Ukrain

Solaris is a relatively new company from Ukraine, which develops hookah tobacco heads/bowls since 2016.

Solaris designs and produces tobacco heads. A special technology used in the production of terracotta masses provides optimal porosity, and the step-by-step firing provides ideal thermal conductivity. Only natural raw materials are used, each head guarantees the highest quality with the Solaris logo and after long tests the product line was created based on our solar system.

The bowls are ideally suited for attachments such as the Kaloud Lotus or other Heat Management Devices (HMD), certainly they also run with other systems such as Kaloud, just test!

Here are the color combinations of the Solaris Bowls:

    Solaris Bowl Charon (the biggest moon of Pluto)
    Solaris Bowl Jupiter
    Solaris Bowl Saturn
    Solaris Bowl Mercury
    Solaris Bowl Phobos (one of the two moons of Mars)
    Solaris Bowl Pluto
    Solaris Bowl Titan (the largest moon of Saturn)

Solaris Bowls from Ukraine - simply good!