Vandenberg V1 Phunnel

Vandenberg Ceramics Phunnel V1

Vandenberg V1 Phunnel - the new hookah V1 Phunnels from the house Vandenberg Tobacco, in the 2023 Edition!

Vandenberg Ceramics is breaking new ground with its V1 Phunnels. Vandenberg Tobacco, known for its tobacco brands Kismet, Xracher, Odinson and Nubia, designs and produces these tobacco bowls in Germany. As with his hookah tobacco, both the clay and glazes are of superior quality.

Vandenberg Ceramics, top quality as you know it from Vandenberg, the best clay quality, exceptional glazes, simply beautiful! A must for every Hookah lover!
Currently available in 2 glazes:
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel midnight edition 2023
36,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Product Reminder
Vandenberg Ceramics Phunnel - Tobacco heads, unique - simply beautiful!

Vandenberg V1Phunnel | High-Class Hookah Bowls from Germany

The sensation from the house of Vandenberg Tobacco, not only tobacco of the finest, now also these wonderful Hookah clay heads to it, the best clay quality, extraordinary glazes, simply beautiful!

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