AEON VYRO ONE stainless steel hookah

AEON VYRO ONE STAINLESS STEEL SHISHA, no need to sacrifice luxury when smoking hookahs on the road!

The VYRO - ONE is ideal outdoor / travel hookah for on the road and is produced from V2A stainless steel and carbon. The VYRO - One has been designed, developed & tested by AEON since summer 2018.

The body of the VYRO - One is made of carbon and not glass, which is why the VYRO - One is very stable and therefore perfect for festivals and outdoor. Due to the new blow-out system developed by AEON, it is possible for the first time to blow out the smoke below the water. The VYRO - One was designed so that the entire center of gravity of the hookah is below and although the One is so small, very stable and does not easily tip over. The hose connection and blow out valve are both located at the bottom of the One. The fact that the hose is located at the bottom also prevents the hose from kinking or the hookah from falling over when pulling on the hose. The VYRO - One has an integrated diffuser and a pleasant draught.

✓ With integrated diffuser.
✓ Stable stand even on uneven ground.
✓ Outlet valve and hose connection attached to the base
✓ High-quality components made of carbon and stainless steel
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