Hookah made of brass

Brass hookah

Under brass hookah is most often found traditional shisha!

Mainly brass is used for traditional hookahs. Previously, brass was mainly in the lower price segment and was purchased mainly by beginners.

Traditional hookahs are mostly made of brass, the material is very easy to work with and is therefore much more suitable for decorations in the smoke column than stainless steel or aluminium, in addition, it has this "golden" touch, which of course fits super to the popular Egermann glasses.
But the whole thing has changed quite a bit in recent years, today you can find brass shishas in the premium segment, hookahs like aljama or Sahara Smoke are definitely among the best and most beautiful shishas.

Important: Brass changes its colour due to the material; it becomes more golden - darker! Brass hookahs need special care to maintain their beauty!