Elmas Nargile - traditional brass hookahs from Turkey

Elmas hookah original hookah / Elmas brass hookah from the Turkish port city of Izmir! They are synonymous with the traditional oriental hookahs.

The company Elmas Nargile exists for 30 years now. Elmas hookahs have specialized in high-quality original Turkish hookahs. In Karabalar, a district of the Turkish port city of Izmir, the accessories for the hookahs are handmade.

Elmas hookah - The high-quality materials, lovingly crafted smoke columns of polished brass or nickel-plated, the noble fabrics of the hoses and the massive, ornate glass bowls make each of these handmade pipes from Turkey a unique specimen.
Through your unique, handmade goatskin hoses, the taste of the smoke is incomparably different, mild.
And by the simple, original way of making, each of these water pipes is created for eternity.
Elmas Nargile, the brass hookahs from Izmir! 

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