Syrian Shisha - Simply beautiful!

Syrian hookahs - according to proven Syrian design partly with stainless steel dip tube and plate made of brass.

Syrian hookahs / Syrian hookahs bring a wonderful smoking pleasure and are simply brilliantly good in this price range!

Syrian hookahs traditional and beautiful, Syrian hookahs have a smoking behavior, which is unparalleled in this price range!

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Syrian hookah #2 with bohemian crystal glass bowl aqua
134,00 EUR
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What is special about a Syrian hookah?

From a purely technical point of view, Syrian hookahs have a slightly smaller diameter in the inner tube and in the channels to the hose connection, the slim and high shape of the bowls results in a relatively small smoke chamber. This may sound primarily negative, but in fact it is not! If this combination is in harmony with each other, so the ratio is balanced, then this results in an optimal smoking behavior, you always have fresh, flavorful smoke.

The epitome of Syrian hookah is the Khalebbo, beautiful in its own way, but often the quality of these hookahs is not 100% perfect. Nevertheless, a clear buy recommendation: the minor defects are mostly only optical in nature, but on this the true Tradi fan can safely overlook.

For a revival of this Syrian technology provides the aljamal: technically and visually of a quality and perfection that seeks its equal.