Black Horus - one of the strongest hookah tobaccos

Black Horus hookah tobacco
Black Horus - some call it the German Tangiers tobacco!
Black Horus hookah tobacco is a dark blend tobacco, blacker it hardly goes, developed in Germany in the past 5 years.

Black Horus is a hookah tobacco that is still looking for its equal. Black Horus is often compared with the American Tangiers tobacco, as they are very similar in the high nicotine content. The nicotine content of Black Horus is 4%, compared to a normal Virginia tobacco (starting from about 0.5% on average) so about 8 times as much.
Nevertheless, this Darkblend is actually quite normal for everyone smokable, "slight" turbulence, however, can not be ruled out!

Black Horus hookah tobacco - one of the strongest, guaranteed!

Premium Strong Hookah Tobacco

The new Black Horus hookah tobacco, is a creation from Germany.

This tobacco. Darkblend it does not get blacker

The Black Horus tobacco has 4% nicotine, unbelievable, 8 times stronger than normal hookah tobacco.
Are you brave?

Strong, burly tobacco - Black Horus!

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Black Horus - one of the strongest hookah tobaccos