Darkside Tobacco

DARKSIDE HOOKAH tobacco is the largest and most successful Russian tobacco manufacturer, buy online here!

Darkside Tobacco, the most successful Russian tobacco manufacturer, and not without reason, Darkside Tobacco is an absolutely high-quality and intense hookah tobacco. The main ingredient of this hookah tobacco is Burley tobacco and is made with the best flavors. Burley base tobacco is a darker, slightly stronger tobacco, with a slightly higher nicotine content.

Darkside BASE and Darkside CORE
Darkside hookah tobacco comes in 2 different production lines with different levels of intensity or strength. The BASE Line the weaker and the CORE Line the stronger line. We recommend the BASE Line for testing and getting used to the stronger CORE Line we see for more for the experienced hookah smoker. In addition, there is a lighter, Virginia variant of Darkside hookah Tobacco with the name STARLINE Tobacco.

DARKSIDE, the most successful hookah tobacco manufacturer in Russia, and not for nothing!

Darkside Tobacco | Premium Hookah Tobacco

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