aljamal hookah FAQ - Questions and answers

Technical data of the aljamal hookah:

▸ What material is the aljamal hookah made of?

The aljamal hookah is made of solid brass, the inner and dip tube is stainless steel.

▸  How much does an aljamal hookah weigh?

The aljamal Lualiwa smoke column including the plate weighs about 4.1 kg, the Ard about and the Su plus the bowl, this weighs about 1 to 1.5 kg (may vary by size and color because the bowls are handmade)

▸ How high are the aljamal hookahs

The visible height of the smoke column including the head adapter is 32 cm, total height with bowl is about 58 cm.


Delivery times, origin and pricing policy of aljamal hookah:

▸  Why do the aljamal hookahs have such long delivery times?

Usually, we have all aljamal hookahs in stock, but the final polishing is always done when ordering or after payment, so it is guaranteed that you as a customer always get a flawless aljamal. Since brass, material conditioned its color change, a patina forms, it is important to us that you, when you unpack the aljamal the first time, a dreamlike beautiful Hookah receive.

▸  Where is the aljamal hookah made?

The aljamal water pipes are manufactured in a CNC special factory in Germany / Bayer on behalf of aljamal, the mouthpieces of the hoses are also produced in Germany by a glassblower and the bowl, usually Egermann, come from the Czech Republic. Laser work is carried out regionally by Lebenshilfe.

▸ Why do the aljamal hookahs cost so much?

Why the is aljamal so expensive, yes this question we are often asked. There are several reasons for this; the aljamal is produced in Germany, which naturally results in higher costs than if you produce abroad; aljamal uses high-quality brass, brass costs much more than, for example, stainless steel. For example, stainless steel; the aljamal is made of solid brass, high weight – high material costs; the finish – each aljamal is individually hand final polished and verified.


Features, spare parts, accessories and scope of delivery of aljamal hookahs:

▸ What is special about the aljamal hookah?

Where do we start with this answer; many call the aljamal a hybrid hookah because on the one hand it has traditional technical values (diameter of the pipes, size of the smoking chamber, material brass) and on the other hand it is perfectly CNC machined. With the original traditional water pipes, one often misses the processing quality. The aljamal hookah is a pioneer, for example, in the removable inner tube, in the tapeless connection of the column to the bowl, or in the ground joint for traditional hookah hoses. Quite apart from these points, it is just particularly nice, but best convince you of it yourself.

▸ Are there spare parts and replacement bowls for the aljamal hookah?

Yes, there are of course spare parts for the aljamal, normally we also have all in stock, if they should be sold out in the store, contact us. Bowls we also always have enough in stock, here too, please contact us.

▸ What aljamal accessories are available, what is recommended?

There are, for example, a special 18/8 hose connector for silicone hoses, 2 alternative, beautiful charcoal plates, an LED coaster, hygiene mouthpieces or a diffuser, just stöbern at aljamal accessoriesör.

▸ What is included with the aljamal?

Included with the aljamal hookah is, of course, the smoke column, the charcoal plate, 2 spare balls, 2 head gaskets and an Egermann or BJ Bowl of your choice.


Questions about aljamal goatskin hoses:

▸  What exactly are the aljamal leather hoses made of?

The hose itself is made of goatskin, this leather is wrapped around a stainless-steel wire, the hand and connection part traditionally made of cardboard. These are covered with different fabrics and the mouthpiece is mouth-blown from borosilicate glass in Germany.

▸  Are the aljamal hoses washable?

No! The aljamal leather hoses are not washable, the natural product leather would become cracked and break. The best way to take care of your aljamal hose is to blow it out after smoking and hang it up. This allows it to dry in peace.

▸  Aljamal leather slurs are often sold out, why is that?

Each cover fabric of aljamal goatskin hoses we individually stitched because each tube blank is also made manually, each blank is slightly different, so each cover must be adjusted. This takes time, so these hoses are not mass-produced. Most are sold on request by mail or phone, so unfortunately few ends up in our store, so just get in touch, then you get the aljamal hose you want. It will then be manufactured at short notice for you.

▸  Can I make any wishes regarding the fabric of the aljamal leather hoses?

Yes, aljamal has many new fabrics in stock, many of them are also not shown in the store, so just ask, we will send you pictures of the fabrics.


Do you have a question that we could not answer here?

Ask us directly about this special hookah, we will reply as soon as possible.

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