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               Shisha refinement and shisha gold plating                        



We make your hookah through gold plating / refinement to a unique piece of jewelry, your personal hookah unique!

Make your hookah something very special, we gild / refine your piece of jewelry optionally with 999 pure gold, black ruthenium or palladium. Hookah refinement with mixed coatings such as gold black is particularly attractive, which always leads to a wow effect, especially in combination with a special bowl.

Metal finishing not only brings an enormous visual enhancement of your hookah, but the hookah gold plating also has some practical advantages, for example, a brass hookah eliminates the annoying polishing, because the pipe can no longer form a patina. The care of a refined hookah also proves to be particularly simple, normally a damp soft cotton cloth with some dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner is sufficient.

Currently we offer the following electroplated coatings for hookahs:

  • Hookah gold plating with hard gold plating 999 fine gold in full or partial plating
  • Black ruthenium in full or partial plating
  • White palladium in full or partial plating
  • Mixed coatings Gold - Black Ruthenium - Palladium
                   Hookah gold plating

Hookah hard gold plating with 999 fine gold.
The addition of cobalt to the gold, which is otherwise much too soft, results in an abrasion-resistant surface.

Black ruthenium
With black ruthenium, we can realize not only gray to anthracite, but previously unattainable dark to black coatings. Until now, it has only been possible to achieve such dark finishes with black rhodium by electroplating.
The cost savings of black ruthenium compared to black rhodium is more than 80 percent at current precious metal prices. This makes the new black ruthenium a cost-effective, nickel-free alternative to black rhodium. Gloss-preserving, corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant hookah finishes can be achieved.

White palladium
The precious metal palladium belongs to the group of platinum metals and brings a bright shiny silver-white layer. Palladium is currently even more expensive than gold. It is an excellent alternative to rhodium and chrome. The degree of hardness is very high and is also therefore particularly suitable as a protective layer on softer metals to prevent abrasion and tarnishing.


     Hookah refining Palladium hookah gold plating          

Tips for the care and cleaning of gold-plated / refined hookahs:

  •     Do not clean with harsh agents
  •     Do not use microfiber cloths
  •     Use a soft cotton cloth with warm water, alternatively you can use commercial glass cleaner

We offer a special cleaning and care product: aljamal metal gold care product for refined hookahs 

Of course, they get a certificate for each of our works.

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