No direct shipping to Austria for now, what to do?

Dear customers / clients from Austria,

due to a change in the Austrian packaging regulations, we were unfortunately forced to stop shipping to Austria. The required licensing and the provision of a so-called "authorized representative", cause costs that we, as a small online store, can not / will not bear.

We regret these circumstances immensely!

Nevertheless, we would like to show you a possibility how you can still order products from our store:
You look for a so-called "forwarder". These are companies that accept packages in Germany and then forward them to Austria. These "forwarders" also take money, but in return our shipping costs are reduced to the flat rate shipping costs within Germany to 6.90 €, or even free shipping from 99.00 €.
As an example, the company ÖsterreichPaket, which carries out such forwarding of parcels.
There are however still many other companies. Under the search term "parcel forwarding from Germany to Austria" you can find some companies that offer this service.

Here is our proposal by example ÖsterreichPaket:
  1. Create a customer account with ÖsterreichPaket
  2. please choose parcel forwarding Germany, parcel 10 kg, exception here, if you order an aljamal hookah, then 20 kg.
  3. You will receive there, after completing the registration process a German delivery address.
  4. Then create a customer account with us, with your Austrian address
  5. In your customer master go to edit address book, create another delivery address and enter the German delivery address you received from ÖsterreichPaket.
  6. Very important, you define this German address as default.
  7. If you now call up your order again, you will see this new delivery address and can order
Please note that tobacco shipping to Austria is nevertheless not allowed by law!

The bottom line is that the shipping costs will not be higher than if we were to deliver directly, on the contrary, for orders over 99 euros; our share is omitted and you still save thereby. The shipping time is extended insignificantly to 1 -2 days.

We hope for your understanding, we also thought that through the EU everything will be easier.

Attention important - Shipping to Austria