Protection of minors is very important for us!

Youth protection

Is it allowed to smoke hookah under the age of 18?

For some time now, we have been hearing a lot about the health risks of hookah smoking and how dangerous hookah bars are. Everyone should be aware that smoking hookah is not healthy. Hookah tobacco contains nicotine just like cigarettes - even if the amount is much lower (although this statement is also quite controversial). In addition, Hookah tobacco contains molasses (sugar cane syrup, water and honey), glycerin and flavors.

At what age is it allowed to smoke hookah in Germany?

One often reads or hears that hookah smoking is allowed from the age of 14 or 16. This is not correct. In general, the Youth Protection Act (§ 10 JuSchG) prohibits children and adolescents from purchasing and consuming tobacco products. They are not allowed to smoke tobacco in public. There is no legal regulation for private use.


According to § 10 JuSchG, tobacco products and products containing nicotine may not be offered or sold to children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

Steam Stones, Steam Paste and other Tobacco Substitutes

The same regulation applies to the offering and dispensing of nicotine-free products such as vapor stones or vapor pastes. Here, too, no distribution to minors is permitted.

Protection of minors is very important to us, we as a dealer are free to enter into a legal transaction, and we follow the recommendation of the manufacturer for moral reasons to sell a hookah only from 18 years.
We do not sell hookah and accessories to young people under 18 years.
With effect from 01/04/2016, the changes to the Youth Protection Act ( § 10 JuSchG ) came into force in Germany, which affect us as store operators and therefore you as customers.

We would like to inform you here in detail about it.

Excerpt from the text of the law:

"... c) The following paragraphs 3 and 4 are added:

(3) Tobacco products and other nicotine-containing products and their containers may neither be offered to children and adolescents by mail order nor given to children and adolescents by mail order."


Age of majority check / age check

As of 01/04/2016, the legislator requires the verification of the age of majority of each customer. For this purpose, perform a recognized age verification in the ordering process in real time. Here, the verification is performed by ID card check or optionally with the Schufa Identity Check Premium (comparison with the deposited bank data).
The check is performed only ONCE for all registered existing customers via Schufa connection (it is NOT a credit check). After that, your account is permanently activated.
As required by law, a two-stage age check must be performed upon delivery. We ensure this via the product "age verification" of our logistics partner DHL. The parcel carrier sees the note "age verification" on your parcel and hands over your shipment to you without further inquiry if you are obviously of age. If the messenger is not sure, he must ask for your ID to make sure that you are indeed of age. If this is not the case, he may not hand over your shipment to you.

For guest orders without a registered customer account, this check must be made for EVERY order.
In addition, the law requires delivery by proof of age, which means that the delivery person will only hand over the shipment to persons of legal age.

Delivery options

As of 01/01/2017, delivery to Pack stations is NO longer possible, please note this in your delivery address.
In addition, your shipment cannot be delivered to neighbors or to agreed drop-off locations. If the delivery person does not meet any or no adult person, the package will be provided at your nearest post office / DHL branch for pickup.

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