MXL Syrian / Khalebbo - the Syrian cult hookah!

MXL Syrian / Khalebbo hookahs, the Syrian traditional hookah with the almost unsurpassed smoking behavior in this price range!

Especially the legendary Hasakah, just beautiful, for every traditional hookah smoker a "must have". The MXL Syrian columns are painstakingly handcrafted in Syria and are almost identical to the Khalebbos models. However, these now have more ornamentation.

The processing of the MXL Syrian / Khalebbo hookahs is not always 100% perfect, but most traditional fans see over it confidently.
The smoking behavior on the other hand - madness - it is not about draft, the magic word is called - Suction - I repeat myself reluctantly, but these hookahs have cult status! Khalebbo, is the epitome of the Syrian hookah.

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