Odinson Hookah Tobacco

ODINSON SHISHA TOBACCO, is a dark tobacco from a wide variety of tobaccos. Among other things, Nordic tobacco with a slightly higher nicotine content is included. The special is the base tobacco flavor in combination with the best flavors from the house of Vandenberg.

It has a warm and earthy note and is accompanied by a fine sweetness. It is very pleasant to smoke despite its slightly higher nicotine content. ODISON Hookah Tobacco uses a special sugar for sweetening and can develop its unique flavor due to months of maturation in the dark and clearly defined temperature conditions. 

Odinson Hookah Tobacco is available in the following editions:

  • Odinson tobacco Loki
  • Odinson tobacco Galstar
  • Odinson tobacco Freya
  • Odinson tobacco Asgar

In times of hectic and constantly new varieties and brands Odinson Hookah Tobacco sets a sign. Only what has matured for a long time is processed further, otherwise the perfect smoking experience cannot be created. For this, the makers take their time even at the risk that the tobacco is not constantly available.

Vandenberg can not only hookah, follow the link to Vandenberg ceramics!

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Odinson Hookah Tobacco | Nordic Tobacco

First Class Hookah Tobacco

Nordic wild, long matured, with slightly higher nicotine content, a product from the house of Vandenberg that is second to none!

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