TUMBAKI - Premium hookah tobacco

Tumbaki hookah tobacco

TUMBAKI - Premium Hookah Tobacco offers you excellent quality Virginia tobacco leaves, free of stems, great flavors and grown in Europe.

The process begins with the highest quality tobacco. The selection of tobacco leaves is the foundation for the production of TUMBAKI'S PREMIUM HOOKAH TOBACCO.

TOBACCO IS THE STARTING POINT - Tumbaki's experienced experts inspect high quality raw materials from start to finish ensuring that your high expectations are exceeded and satisfy even the most demanding hookah enthusiasts. That's why Tumbaki Hookah Tobacco is made from the finest and most sought-after Virginia tobacco leaves grown in Europe.

TUMBAKI INGREDIENTS - Quality is TUMBAKI's motto; therefore, they have a direct hand in every step of tobacco production. TUMBAKI TOBACCO ingredients are all food grade and FOODGRADE compliant. TUMBAKI does not use any preservatives for their Hookah Tobacco.

TUMBAKI FLUORS - In our lab we develop new flavors over several months, taking notes and always making adjustments in some very difficult flavors. We don't stop until everyone on the team judges the flavor to be perfect. To make final adjustments before production release, we send samples to trusted and experienced representatives of the hookah community to get feedback from the market. We attach great importance to feedback because it helps us find inspiration in unexpected places. We are constantly working to bring you the most authentic flavors and delight you with Tumbaki Premium Tobacco.

EU / EC Declaration of Conformity here for download as .pdf

Tumbaki Premium Hookah Tobacco

Tumbaki Hookah Tobacco | The newcomer from Turkey

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